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The Law on Occupational Safety establishes the basic obligations that the employer must fulfill in relation to the health and safety of workers. The law represents a normative framework that is implemented through several dozens of by-laws that determine in more detail certain safety requirements arising from the corresponding Directives prescribed by the EU.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulates that every employer, regardless of the activity they perform and their size, must create a document called Risk Assessment and train workers to work in a safe manner, and depending on their specifics, i.e. the activity they perform, they must also a number of other obligations, such as: drawing up an evacuation and rescue plan, testing electrical installations, work environment and work equipment, conducting medical examinations, arranging the way of conducting occupational safety work, etc.

High fines have been established for non-fulfillment of legal obligations - usually from HRK 10.000 to HRK 30.000, both for legal entities and responsible persons, and for omissions related to testing of work equipment and the working environment, sanctions include the sealing of work premises.

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