Contract managing affairs of occupational health and safety

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The Ordinance on the performance of safety at work (Official Gazette 112/14, 43/15, 72/15 and 140/15) determines the manner in which the employer must organize the performance of occupational safety.

Occupational health and safety tasks for an employer employing up to 49 workers can be performed by himself or his authorized representative (who has an employment contract with the employer) if he meets one of the following conditions:

-passed the general part of the professional occupational safety exam at the competent Ministry

-completed training for occupational safety specialists at an educational institution

-passed state professional exam in the field of construction

-masters exam passed

-passed bar exam

-have the necessary knowledge of occupational safety acquired during regular schooling (they must have evidence in the certificate or index that the course "Occupational Safety" has been passed

It is considered that doctors, dentists, masters of pharmacy and veterinary doctors who perform work in the profession acquired the necessary knowledge during their education.

If the employer does not meet the stated conditions or does not have an employed person who meets them, he can contract the performance of occupational safety work with an authorized company.

We offer various solutions related to the obligation to conduct occupational safety activities to all employers who have not coordinated the performance of occupational safety activities with the prescribed conditions.

Employers who have not regulated the way of performing occupational safety tasks are exposed to the possibility of punishment in case of inspection. The fine for the employer (company) is HRK 30,000, and for the responsible person HRK 6,000.

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