e-Learning training of workers' commissioners

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E-Learning is a method of learning with the help of computers and the Internet, the advantages of which are:

  • enables quality participation in training even when there are problems due to dislocation, shift work, schedules and similar circumstances
  • enabled the simultaneous participation of a large number of users
  • it is available 24 hours a day, which allows users to choose when and how to access training

The worker's occupational safety commissioner is a person through whom the Occupational Safety Act enables workers to have insight into the employer's occupational safety implementation system and to actively participate in it.

The task of the commissioner is to act in the interests of workers in occupational safety and to monitor the application of regulations and ordered protection measures. He has the right to inspect all documentation related to the safety and health of workers at the employer, he can attend inspections, and in the case when the life and health of the worker are threatened, he has the right to call the competent labor inspector if the employer refuses to do so.

Furthermore, the task of the commissioner is to receive workers' remarks regarding occupational health and safety and to contact the employer or his authorized representative in this regard. In the case of employers with an occupational safety committee (employers with more than 50 workers), the workers' representative should participate in the work of the committee.

In order for the commissioner to be able to effectively represent the interests of workers in the field of safety and health protection at work, he must be trained for this. The employer is obliged to provide him with training during working hours and at the expense of the employer. The training is carried out according to the Ordinance on occupational safety training and taking a professional exam, Official Gazette 112/14.

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