Inspection of work equipment / machines

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Inspection and testing of work equipment refers to work equipment consisting of machines and devices, plants and means for transferring and transporting loads according to the regulation on safety and health when using work equipment.

Inspection and testing of work equipment is carried out to verify compliance with safety and health requirements on work equipment, i.e. to detect and eliminate defects that could endanger the safety and health of operators or other workers in the area of use of work equipment.

The employer is obliged to provide inspections and tests of work equipment in the following cases:

- before starting to use it at the new place of work, if the work equipment was moved from one place to another and was therefore disassembled and reassembled

- in the case of exceptional circumstances that threaten the safety of the working equipment

- based on the decision of the labor inspector

- within the time limits set by the manufacturer of the work equipment in the instructions for use and maintenance, or within the time limit established by a special regulation or

- periodically in terms that cannot exceed three years.

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