Health & Safety in the Republic of Croatia

Every employer in the Republic of Croatia, regardless of their activity and size, is obliged to organize and implement occupational health and safety.

If safety at work is not implemented and if preventive measures are not taken, unwanted consequences can arise and thus the business, stability and even survival of every company, especially smaller ones, can be threatened, because the costs that can arise due to injuries at work and inspection fines multiple times surpass any investment in prevention and safety at work.

It is in the interest of every employer to preserve the worker's ability to work, as well as legal business, and by implementing effective safety measures at work, risks at workplaces are reduced to the smallest possible extent, thus the employer significantly contributes to the stability and safety of its business. Ignoring safety does not pay off for anyone, and safety at work should be an integral part of every company's culture, as it is an important factor in successful business.


Occupational Health and Safety Act and employer's obligations

The Occupational Health and Safety Act establishes the basic obligations that the employer must fulfill in relation to the health and safety of workers. The law represents a normative framework that is implemented through several dozens of by-laws, which more closely determine certain security requirements arising from the corresponding directives of the European Union.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulates that every employer, regardless of size and activity, must prepare a risk assessment, train workers to work in a safe manner and organize the management of occupational safety and health, and depending on their specifics and activities, they must also fulfill a number of other obligations such as: preparation of an evacuation plan, examination of electrical installations, work environment and work equipment, safety signs, medical examinations, first aid, etc.

High fines, usually from 1.500 to 5.000 €, have been established for non-fulfillment of legal obligations, both for legal entities and for responsible persons, and for omissions related to the examination of work equipment and working environment sanctions, according to inspection supervision, include the burning of work premises.


How to fulfill the obligations of safety at work?

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