Risk assessment

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The risk assessment is the most important occupational safety document that determines the level of danger, harm and effort in terms of injury at work, occupational disease, work-related illness and disruptions in the work process that could cause adverse consequences for the safety and health of workers.

If the employer does not have a risk assessment or its assessment does not correspond to the existing risks at work, the Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulates a fine of HRK 30.000 for legal entities and HRK 6.000 for responsible persons of legal entities.

The employer is obliged to have a risk assessment prepared in written or electronic form and make it available to workers at the workplace.

Based on the risk assessment, the employer is obliged to apply occupational safety rules, preventive measures, organize and implement work and production procedures, and undertake other activities to prevent and reduce the exposure of workers to identified risks, in order to eliminate or minimize the likelihood of injury at work , illnesses from occupational or work-related diseases, and to ensure a better level of protection at work at all levels of work organization and management.

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